What to look for in a warm air heater

    Warm air heating is little known in the UK, but it is one of the best heating systems used widely around the world. In especially cold countries, such as parts of the US, Canada and northern Europe, they are the preferred home heating solution. That should tell you something about how much better they are than radiations systems. However, not all warm air units are the same. Here’s a guide to what you should look out for in a warm air heating unit.

    Variable speed

    Get a warm air unit with variable speed which will precisely allow you to control the flow of air throughout your home. You can find this function in units made by Lennox Air. When the electric motor increases speed, it does it slowly over time which also allows is to remove moisture from the air during the summer. You can buy Lennox Air in Hertfordshire.

    Different levels of heating

    For increased energy efficiency, look for a heater with two levels of heating. This means that you will use the low level heater for mild days where only a little warmth is required, and a high level heater for extremely cold days. This minimises temperature swings in your home.

    Efficiency levels of 60% or 85% were common with the old Lennox Air. The new Lennox Air in Hertfordshire and elsewhere has 95% efficiency. That is down to the simple addition of having two heating levels. The biggest difference this will make is the savings on all your heating bills.

    Slow continuous air

    Some units have a function to slowly and gently circulate warm air throughout the home without turning on the heating units. This means you can run the fan all the time without risking incurring excessive heating costs. It also means better the quality of your air will be better because it is being constantly circulated and the filters are catching airborne contaminates.

    Insulated ducts

    Warm air heaters are significantly more efficient that radiators because the heat doesn’t escape from the pipes readily. However, heat will still escape via the ducts in a warm air heating system unless you use proper insulation. A good warm air heating unit will have insulation throughout, which also doubles up as a noise cancelling feature. Warm air units can be noisy, so this is something you would want to consider.

    Good filtration system

    You will also want a good filtration system as part of your warm air unit, especially if you or anyone in your family has asthma, or any other airborne allergies. The biggest disadvantage of a warm air unit is that it can spread allergens throughout the house via the ducts. That’s why a good filtration system that cleans the air is vital.

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