What to Expect from Walk in Cooler Doors

You rely on your walk in cooler to keep your products as cool as possible to avoid spoilage. An important aspect of your cooler is the walk in cooler doors that are a part of the unit. Whether you are shopping for your first cooler or you need to replace the door that is on your unit, there are certain features you should look for in the doors. Without the proper doors, you will lose some of the cool air inside your cooler and waste energy as a result. Energy Efficiency Cooler doors are designed to be more energy efficient than other types of doors. If you inspect these doors closely, you will notice they are quite thick and often have insulation in between the layers of metal that make up the doors. When the cooler doors are closed, they create the most energy-efficient environment possible inside the cooler. This is also due to the tight seal that is created when the door is closed. Emergency Exit Sometimes your employees will need to work within the cooler for longer periods of time, such as when they are taking inventory or reorganizing the products inside. Many employees simply prop walk in cooler doors open while they are working inside for fear of being shut in. Today, these cooler doors are equipped with emergency exit latches that can be easily opened from the inside, allowing your employees to shut themselves in while they work without fear of being stuck inside. Warranty Because the cooler door is such an important element of the walk in cooler, it is essential to make sure the warranty on your unit also covers the door. When your door doesn’t work as it should, the efficiency of your cooler unit will drop, increasing the chance of spoiling products and breakdowns, as well as costing you more money on your energy bills. Walk in cooler doors are a critical aspect of any industrial refrigeration system. Without a door that is designed specifically for these coolers, you can experience higher energy bills and a greater occurrence of spoiled products. These doors are designed to be extremely energy efficient when closed properly and are often equipped with emergency exit latches on the insides of the doors so your employees can work inside without worry. As long as you choose a door that offers a warranty, you can feel confident in the function of your cooler. To learn more about what you should expect from walk in cooler doors, visit Turn Key Systems at TKSWalk-in.com.