What to Expect From Pediatric Dentistry in Silverdale Wa

    A pediatric dentist is trained to treat children’s dental issues, such as root canals and developmental difficulties. However, most children see general dentists, who often have a relationship with the whole family. If a parent can’t decide which type of dentist to see, they should ask the child’s pediatrician or a family dentist for recommendations.

    A Child’s First Dental Visit

    Parents should seek pediatric dentistry in Silverdale Wa area at least six months after the first tooth breaks through. At that time, the dentist will examine the child’s mouth, looking for early signs of problems and developmental issues. Dentists can provide and recommend preventive care to protect children against problems such as gum disease and thumb-sucking.

    Getting Ready

    Before the child’s first dental visit, parents should ask which procedures will be done, and they should plan how to manage the child’s reactions. Talk to the child about the appointment, and tell them what to expect. Parents should bring the child’s medical records to aid in filling out the required pediatric dentistry history forms.

    Fixing Decayed Baby Teeth

    It’s important to keep baby teeth in good shape, because they maintain spacing for the future emergence of adult teeth. If baby teeth fall out too early, the space for the permanent tooth is lost and orthodontic treatment will be necessary. An infected baby tooth can cause a permanent tooth to develop incorrectly, resulting in weaker teeth and enamel defects.

    Protecting Children’s Oral Health

    Infants’ gums can be cleaned with a damp, clean cloth. As the first teeth grow in, brush them gently with a soft-bristled brush and a small amount of toothpaste. Young children should be supervised while brushing, but children over 5 can start to brush on their own. Parents should set a good example by modeling proper oral hygiene habits.

    By rinsing after meals, and by drinking fluoridated water, parents can help protect children’s teeth. It’s also important for parents to practice good hygiene themselves, because children learn what they see. Regular pediatric dentistry in Silverdale Wa is important, and using fluoride toothpaste will help keep a child’s teeth healthy for life.

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