Talk To Your Pest Control Company In Federal Way Wa About Organic Pesticides

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Your pest control company in Federal Way Wa can advise you on the pest control methods that can be used in your situation. Traditional pesticides use chemicals that are toxic and they can harm the environment and the family members. There are organic solutions available as well for pest control that don’t use the synthetic chemicals. Discuss your pest problem with professionals as there are some pests that can’t be controlled by non-chemical solutions and use of chemical pesticides becomes necessary.

Use Of Insecticidal Soaps and Oils By Your Pest Control Company In Federal Way Wa

Your pest control company in Federal Way Wa will tell you: Insecticidal soaps and detergents are not the same! Soaps use sodium salts, fatty acids and fish or vegetable oils that penetrate the outer layer of the soft bodied insects or mites. This causes the dissolution of the membranes and dehydration and death in these insects. There are commercially available products available that are effective to control aphids, whiteflies and mealy bugs.

Horticultural oils are refined version of petroleum based oils. They are effective for soft-bodied insects by clogging their external openings and killing them by asphyxiation. Essential oils and fixed oils are naturally produced from various plants and are used for pest control mainly for insects.

Use Of Botanicals and Baits By Your Pest Control Company In Federal Way Wa

Botanicals are plant derived chemicals, like, pyrethrum, neem, derris, limonene to name a few. Different botanicals use different methods for pest control. Pyrethrin is extracted from Chrysanthemum Daisy and is a very effective solution that attacks an insect’s nervous system. Neem has its component azadirachtin that is active against insects. It is an effective feeding deterrent and doesn’t allow insects to grow. Some of the botanicals can be highly toxic almost as much as a synthetic pesticide. It is important to discuss the pest control solution with an expert pest control company in Federal Way Wa and take the necessary safety precautions.

Baits can be effective too, like, boric acid with peanut butter can kill some ant types and wheat germ and mineral oil when combined together are effective in drawing the pests out into the bait.

Use Of Mechanical Solutions By Your Pest Control Company In Federal Way Wa

Traps are used to capture mobile and highly active pests like rodents, rabbits, squirrels or gophers. Some of the traps are un-baited and sticky like red spheres that are very useful to trap apple maggot adults. Yellow sticky traps work for aphids and whiteflies. You can also combine a sticky trap with lures like pheromones and food attractants. Traps are effective for isolated or confined pest infestation. You will need to use multiple traps in the confined space to effective catch the pests. Your success rate also very much depends upon the mobility and activity of the pests, environmental factors and the age and sex of the pests.

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