What to Consider When Determining the Size of a Student Apartment

    When you live at home, you have little input regarding the size of your living quarters. Your parents are the ones who own the home and determine what bedroom is yours or what living space you will have. Now that you are moving out of your parent’s home and looking for student housing, you have a little bit more flexibility when it comes to determining things about the space where you will live.

    One of the first things that you want to look at when weighing your options between the different Marquette University student housing is the size of the unit. You will first need to determine what size apartment or house will you need. If you are a single individual living by yourself, you may be content to have a one-bedroom or a studio apartment.

    If you are thinking about having roommates, you should factor in the amount of space everyone will need. Some college students think that they can save money by renting a small Marquette University student housing and sharing rooms. They soon realize that there is not enough space for everyone. And landlords typically do not like having smaller apartments over-occupied.

    Another factor to consider is the size of other rooms. For example, does the apartment have two bathrooms? Is there room for a dining table? How many other units are there in the building? The answers to these questions will impact things like noise levels and ease of access.

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