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    Knowing how one party’s equity changes when another party invests in your company is an important question. From vested employees to early-stage investors to state and federal regulators, there will be plenty of people taking an active interest in making sure that you are keeping an accurate capitalization table. But with different classes of equity, different options, and many different parties, this can be a headache. Luckily, there is a solution that is as easy as maintaining a spreadsheet.

    Cap Table Software from EquityTrack

    Users of EquityTrack’s Capitalization Tracking software don’t face those headaches. Instead, they simply use the intuitive design of the product to add or remove any new investor, as well as whatever class of investor they may be. Whether it is a startup, a public company, or a family firm, EquityTrack is there to help make sure that everyone knows exactly how much of the company that they own.

    In fact, the software has proven to be especially popular with one of the newest structures that companies take today by having special options for crowdfunded firms. Whether you’re handing out pieces of ownership or simply rewarding early contributors with a special incentive, EquityTrack can make sure that everything is handled fairly and according to your prearranged agreements.

    Try Cap Table Software from EquityTrack Today

    If your company is in need of knowing up to date information about its capitalization table, there is no time to wait. Contact EquityTrack today at www.equitytrack.co to learn how you can better keep track of your company’s shareholders.

    For more information and valuable tips on cap table software, visit EquityTrack at https://www.equitytrack.co/.

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