Vchat with 15 prospects in HD with Skype & FaveTime

The world has changed. If you’re business is going to stay on top, the tools you’re sales reps use also have to change with the times. One of the tools that many sales people have been finding very beneficial is the ability to use Skype. There’s many, many different ways that the regular use of Skype and video chat can improve your sales. Skype allows your sales reps to stay in contact with their clients even when their clients are in another section of the world, reducing the chances of the client spending their money on products/services your competition offers. Skype can be used for training your sales staff. The great thing will be that you can take advantages of non-local training options. Skype provides a low cost but very effective method for you to stay in contact with your sales staff even when they happen to be traveling. Skype makes connecting and communicating with the sales team in satellite offices easy and more affordable. Many sales reps have found that they can use Skype to connect with nearly all of their clients. Not only does this save the sales rep from the expense of having to travel to face to face meetings, but it also saves a great deal of time. Time which can then be used to connect with additional clients, increasing the reps daily productivity. Sales rep and distribution departments can use Skype to communicate directly about orders. Many businesses have found that this face to face communication has reduced miscommunication errors. Skype allows a single sales rep to video chat with a large group of prospective customers at the same time. By using video chat, the sales rep can provide an on the spot video demonstration of how the product they’re marketing looks. Many offices have found that they can use Skype to communicate with co-workers. This can be done quickly and no one has to leave their desk. Now that Skype is available on most smart phones and tablets, sales reps no longer have to feel bound to their laptops. During crisis situations, Skype can allow the entire office to communicate quickly and effectively, limiting the type of communication that leaks out of the office to the media. Instead of attending conferences and seminars, many sales reps have learned how to use Skype to keep up on the latest trends within their industry. They can later use this knowledge to help generate excitement about upcoming products. Some companies have started to use Skype as a way for customers to connect with the customer service department which allows issues to get resolved quickly. Features like TalkandWrite have proven themselves to be a great tool for brainstorming sessions. It makes the Skyping session feel more like a power point demonstration. The company will have to purchase an add on, but it is possible to use Skype to record calls, so that they can be used for future reference. When it comes to knowing how advances in technology like Skype can make a company’s sales reps more efficient, no one does a better job than the Sales Coaching Institute.