Types of Services Offered by Home Care in Mclean, VA

    When seniors wish to live independently, home care in Mclean, VA is often a viable alternative to assisted living. Under the banner of in-home care, different types of assistance are available, as well as distinct roles for individuals who provide these services. The client’s health, ability, and, in some cases, finances will determine the type of care required.

    Companion Care Services

    These services are ideal for seniors who are independent and do not need a lot of help with their daily activities. Most people who require companion care services live alone and often feel lonely. Capital City Nurses provides valuable social connections.

    Personal Care Assistance

    This assistance is suitable for seniors who require regular assistance with daily living activities. This includes help with variety of things, such as bathing and toileting, grocery shopping, and carrying things around.

    Families providing care for their loved ones often seek personal care assistance to accomplish tasks that they are unable to perform safely and comfortably on their own. Using a personal care aide as a respite for a family caregiver who needs to travel or plans to be away from home all day is another option.

    Home Health Care

    Another service offered by home care in Mclean, VA is healthcare services for senior citizens. A physician usually recommends home health care, and an insurance company may require a doctor’s written order for the service to be covered. You don’t have to go to the hospital for general checkups when you have a healthcare provider available. A home healthcare provider can help seniors who require frequent medical services or care on a short-term basis.

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