Required Qualities of Outdoor Countertops

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Granite Countertops

If you live in Minneapolis, dining in your backyard or on a deck is common. While you probably have some type of barbecue, have you also installed a countertop? Placed strategically, outdoor countertops can be both practical and esthetically pleasing. They expand space for food preparation and drink serving while adding a touch of class. However, not all are suited to the tasks demanded of them and the forces of the environment.

Required Characteristics

In order for an outdoor countertop to endure the weather in Minneapolis and similar places, it must possess specific characteristics. The three most basic are:

  • Durability
  • Waterproofed
  • Ease of maintenance

Appearance may not be your personal top priority, but outdoor countertops can be stunning in appearance while remaining eminently functional in nature.


When choosing an outdoor countertop, the following materials are recommended.

  • Concrete: By far, the most apt material for outdoor countertops, concrete possesses many qualities suitable for functioning outdoors. It is very durable and can be purchased in your choice of colors and design.
  • Granite: Both attractive and readily available, granite satisfies all the requisite categories. Naturally resilient, by applying a sealant, you can enhance its durability. The material is available in diverse colors and styles to add that flair to an outdoor affair.

Outdoor Countertops

If you plan to install a countertop outdoors, always remember this. Durability must trump appearance every time. If you neglect this simple rule, you will be throwing away your money and not adding to the enjoyment of all those who attend any event in your backyard.

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