Two Sativa and Two Indica Weed Strains Perfect for Summer Fun

    Summer means fun in the sun as well as lazy days simply relaxing and watching the world go by. The perfect summer weed strains get you energized for hiking and biking by day, and relaxed for chilling with your friends at night.

    Lemon OG Haze

    The fresh, lemony flavor of this Sativa-dominant strain is perfect for summer. This strain is a go-to for an uplifting, energetic, and well-balanced high perfect for outdoor activities. You’ll be infused with a motivating, euphoric, energy that can have you climbing mountains with a sense of purpose.


    This is another citrus-flavored Sativa strain, but unlike Lemon OG Haze, it’s not very focused or motivating. Rather, it’s perfect for sparking deep, friendly conversations with your friends. Try it at your next backyard barbeque, while watching the game or get-together at the beach.

    Member Berry

    This Indica-dominant hybrid also has a sweet, potent citrus flavor. Among the summer weed strains, this one is known for producing a mellow euphoria and positive mood. However, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit giddy. If your plans for the day include basking in the sun and simply enjoying life, light up Member Berry.

    Strawberry Banana

    A tasty, fruity Indica-dominant hybrid that can heighten the senses, making it perfect for listening to music or watching a movie; you’re likely to see and hear symbolism you missed before. It’s fun to share these observations with friends on the same trip. It’s a good strain for winding down after a busy day outdoors.

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