4 Reasons to Call Garage Floor Concrete Replacement Contractors

    There are plenty of homeowners who think garage floor replacement is a DIY job, but it’s not. Floors that have large cracks or the slab has lifted or dropped should only be handled by concrete replacement contractors in Minnesota. Here are some problems that cause garage floor damage and require a call to a local contractor.

    1. Poor Prep Work

    Before concrete flooring is installed, the soil must be prepared. There must be sufficient soil compaction and proper reinforcement. If there’s not, the floor won’t hold up for long.

    1. Low Quality Concrete Mix

    Some installers try to pad their profit by using cheap concrete mixes. Iron pyrite is an example of a low-quality product. Garage floors constructed from this product will corrode over time and require replacement.

    1. Drainage Problems

    Moisture is the primary reason for crack formation. Most moisture problems in garages stem from inadequate drainage. Concrete replacement is needed to secure the floor, but the drainage problems also need to be addressed.

    1. Garage Isn’t Properly Heated

    Minnesota is known for its brutally cold winters. If one’s garage isn’t heated properly, the freeze-thaw cycle can damage concrete. If the floor is damaged because of the freeze-thaw cycle, a contractor needs to replace the concrete and speak with the homeowner about installing a heating system to prevent the problem from recurring.

    The best reason to call concrete replacement contractors in Minnesota is that they know what they’re doing. These professionals identify the problems that caused the damage and guide homeowners to make changes to prevent future problems with their new garage floors.

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