TV Shows: Which Genre Do You Prefer?

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Entertainment

Ever since its introduction, the television has proved to be one of the best sources for entertainment. The main reason for this is that it appeals to all tastes and age groups. One of the best forms of entertainment provided by TVs for decades is TV shows. These shows can be entertaining or informative and can be viewed by everyone. Types of TV Shows Over the years, TV producers have introduced all kinds of TV shows to ensure that people from all age groups and with different interests are entertained. Listed below are some categories of shows you can find on TV. Situation Comedy Situation Comedy TV shows are also known as sitcoms. These programs mostly include the same characters who find themselves in situations that take funny turns. These programs usually run for less than 30 minutes. Situation comedy shows are made for people of all age groups and this makes them the most popular category when it comes to TV shows. Some of the most popular sitcoms include Fraiser and Friends. Episodic Most TV programs that run for about 40 minutes are considered episodic shows. In most cases, they consist of one or two episodes which are aired each week. A distinguishing factor of these programs is that issues are not resolved in one episode, so they run for the whole length of the series. These programs usually take a break and come back with another season. Popular episodic TV programs include Lost and Desperate Housewives. Serials Also known as soap-operas, these programs are aired for several days in the week. Most stories go on for a number of years and this is why these shows have characters that constantly leave and or make an entry. Due to this, viewers have to follow these programs religiously. Some of the most well known serials include The Bold and the Beautiful and Neighbors. Besides these, there are other kinds of TV shows like game shows, reality shows, talk shows, programs for children and even news which can provide viewers with appropriate entertainment.

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