Try Smokeless Cigarettes To Quit Smoking, Once And For All

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

What compels you to light a stick filled with ingredients that can only cause damage? You think it is ecstasy. Your belief is quite understandable because you have already made a smoking a habit. Or, perhaps, you are on the verge of making it a habit. Either way, the damage it is causing to your lungs, heart and even your brain are irreversible. Here is a good way to make a change to the scenario – how about switching to smokeless cigarettes, or rather, ecigarettes? This is an electronic device which can be taken in your mouth and puffed as a regular cigarette. Ecigarettes – What are those? An e cigarette is a sleek and trendy device which can be just treated as the original one. It has different looks such as the contemporary, white stick with a light orange butt. It comes in various flavors also. These cigarettes are battery powered. You can charge these batteries in electric adapters. The burning end of an e-cigarette looks similar to a traditional one. It has a small bulb inside which glows in the color of crimson. The smoke is made up of Eco-friendly gas, so it is safe for your lungs. These electronic smoking sticks also come in starter kits which contain assorted e-cigarettes, electric adapters, rechargeable batteries, manual and a warranty. So let’s start a new fashion which is eco-friendly and also harmless to your health! How does it work? The body of an e-cig is just as the normal one. It is scientifically known as an atomizer. The stick is divided into a butt and the main functionaries are in the rest of the portion. It uses heat or ultrasonic sound waves to create an aerosol mist from liquid kept inside a cartridge. Now whenever you use it, the propylene glycol and fragrance in the cartridge will get vaporized and voila! Will it give the same feeling? Electronic smokeless cigarettes can provide a pure and natural sensation. This is a fragrance which is not polluted since you are not burning anything at all. The aerosol spray you are inhaling is healthy for both you and the environment. If your resolution is to quit smoking, then electronic smokeless cigarettes should help you achieve that, but remember, the process needs to be gradual. Don’t rush it, and take your time to enjoy the healthy alternative to regular, tobacco-filled cigarettes. Are you thinking about giving up your bad habit of smoking tobacco? Then why not start from today? Try smokeless cigarettes for a change and enjoy the effect.       Do you need to quit smoking but are finding it impossibly difficult to do? Try smokeless cigarettes to help you in your noble crusade. Contact for more information.

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