Choose the Right Wheelchair Amongst the Rest

    There was a time when people, who were not able to move around at all, were forced to stay back at home at all times. Today, such people can easily move around by sitting on a wheelchair. These types of chairs have come as a boon for the immobile people. These help a lot to make such people move around very easily and as comfortably as possible. If you visit the market, to buy such products, then you would notice that there are various types available for you to choose from. However, all may not be suitable for everyone, which is why, one should always do proper research before deciding to buy one such product. Most of the residents of some of the US cities, like San Diego and Coronado, who use a wheelchair for themselves, have said that there are various different types and one should always know about them in order to be able to choose the right one easily. Some of the most common amongst the various types are:

    • Manual: As the name suggests, these are made to move around by the user himself. You would notice that these come with circular round bars placed alongside the wheels. The user has to use all his strength to make himself move forward by pushing at these bars. Generally these are very light, so that the user does not face any issues while trying to propel himself in any direction.
    • Electronic: According to most of the users of an electronic wheelchair, from some of the US cities, like San Diego and Bonita, these are much faster as compared to the manual ones. This is mainly because these are made to move around with the help of batteries, together with a motor. In order to help the user to move in various directions, these come with a joystick and the speed can also be controlled by the use of different push buttons. However, these do cost a bit on the higher range due to the use of advanced technologies in them.

    These are some of the primary types of a wheelchair. San Diego and Lakeside are some of those towns and cities in the United States, where you would come across a number of people, who use such chairs based on their preference and budget. Those who have a higher budget would most definitely go for the electronic ones as compared to the manual ones.        

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