Three Surprising Engagement Ring Ideas for the Unconventional Bride

    Are you ready to pop the question to someone who is less than conventional? If the apple of your eye marches to the beat of her own drum, you might want to avoid traditional engagement ring options like diamonds and gold. Here are three quirky, unusual and out-of-the-ordinary ring ideas for your beloved.

    Colorful Stones

    A colorful personality deserves a colorful engagement ring. Skip the white diamonds in favor of blazing blue sapphire, dazzling green emerald or fiery ruby engagement rings. If you want something truly unique, opt for lab-created diamonds in any hue you can imagine, or consider rare gemstones like tanzanite, black opal or lapis lazuli.

    Vintage Rings

    If your bride-to-be loves vintage fashion, she’s sure to be impressed with a vintage engagement ring. Antique pearl or ruby engagement rings bring to mind the elegance of the Victorian era, while a 1920s yellow gold ring shows off the glamour of flappers and old-time movie stars.

    Is your beloved an environmentalist? Vintage rings are a great choice for brides who are conscious about ethics or the environment because they don’t require any additional resources to create.

    Mixed Metals

    Why choose between silver and gold when you can have both? Create something truly meaningful by commissioning a custom ring with two or more types of metal. Silver and gold can entwine to symbolize joining your lives together, or consider rings of different metals melded together to represent dating, engagement and marriage.

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