Indications that Water Heater Repair in Charlotte, NC is Needed

    The demand for hot water can change on a daily basis. While the daily usage can vary, the demand for it can come at any time in the day. This means the water heater is constantly on to meet these different demands. When an issue occurs, the system will start giving signs that a problem is occurring.

    One of the indications that Water Heater Repair in Charlotte NC is needed is when it takes an unusual amount of time to receive hot water. While it is typical for it to take a few minutes to transport the hot water to the appropriate location, a longer transition period is a problem. It is likely that the hot water heater is taking longer to actually generate hot water. This can indicate a heating element is out.

    Another indication of an issue is constantly running out of hot water within a few minutes. Tank hot water heaters are designed to hold a specified number of gallons in reserve for instant use. If the system is running out of water more quickly than it should, the heater is not able to keep up. Blockage in the heating elements could be preventing the necessary heat transfer.

    Dirty water coming from the hot water taps is another indication of an issue. The dirty water can occur from a buildup of sediment in the water heater. If there are any changes in the water color between the cold and hot settings, the heater should be shut off immediately. A call for Water Heater Repair in Charlotte NC needs to be made. The sediment levels are too high and will need to be flushed out. This sediment also has the potential to clog piping and drains. The entire plumbing system may have to be cleaned after this has occurred.

    Water heaters are designed to provide hot water on demand. When the hot water takes too long to heat up, continually runs out, or has discoloration, the heater is having issues. Failure can be due to the heating elements or too much sediment in the tank. The cause needs to be determined and addressed so that the operation can continue smoothly.

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