Three Kinds of Medical Seating that any Good Hospital Should Have

    Hospitals treat many unique patients and offer many services that often require special treatment options or supplies. Three such types of seating that every hospital should have are described below. If you’re hospital does not currently have all of these types of medical seating, consider buying one or more from a reputable medical supply company. Bariatric chairs Bariatric chairs are special chairs designed to fit people who are very large or weigh more than the average person. The chairs are often low to the ground so that an extremely big person doesn’t have trouble getting into our out of the chair. The chairs can usually support people who weigh up to 600 pounds or sometimes more. They are reinforced with special materials to ensure they are safe and remain durable. Most bariatric chairs are also extra wide to allow someone of extra girth to fit without feeling uncomfortable. If your hospital will be providing health care to larger individuals, you need to invest in some of these chairs. In addition to chairs, bariatric recliners and beds are some of the kinds of medical seating that are also available. Blood donor chairs If your hospital will be taking blood donations, a type of medical seating you must have is a donor chair. A donor chair is usually cushioned but is uniquely designed along the armrests. These chairs will often contain special restraints or arm wedges that will ensure a person’s arm stays as still as possible during the donation process. Some of these chairs will also be adjustable according to height or be extra wide to accommodate a larger donor. If you don’t have a blood donor chair with the appropriate arm restraints, you can’t effectively and safely run a blood bank. It’s simply a necessity. Medical stools Let’s not forget that the doctors need somewhere to sit too. While the patient is sitting in the more comfortable chair, a doctor or nurse needs medical seating that can adapt to the situation. Many medical stools are adjustable in height to give the doctor the correct vantage point over the patient and are also sometimes equipped with wheels to allow the doctor to be mobile around the room without having to get out of the chair. These stools are often heavy duty and can hold up very well over time. Most medical supply sites also offer these stools in many different color options. Are you looking for quality medical seating? Comfort Biz offers medical stools, donor chairs and bariatric chairs. They offer fast shipping as well.

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