Shift Scheduling Software: Improving Employee Satisfaction and Information

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Shift scheduling software is incredibly useful to businesses. Some companies can afford to have very fixed schedules. Most office work has everyone work basically the same hours. However, if you’re paying people for hourly work instead of salaried, and you have a lot of part time employees then it’s very important to use the best means at your disposal to make and update the schedules. Retail companies schedule as many people to work a shift as they do because they expect to varying levels of need and business depending on the time of day. Restaurants do the same, there’s a clear lunch shift and a dinner shift, there’s a few hour lull in between where there’s not much need to keep a maximum staff on hand. Dinner on the other hand can require you to be heavily staffed. This means that because of the commonality of part time work and varying shift lengths, responsibility and need you’ll see shift schedules change a lot week to week. With that in mind it should be easily to see the value of shift scheduling software. Shift scheduling software, and online shift schedule management make it easier for companies to adjust to their employees demands, and for their employees to know when they’re working. If nothing else the advantage of the digital means is the sheer speed of distribution and ease of sending shifts out, and in high numbers. Even if you don’t want to do digital distribution of your shifts, shift scheduling software makes it possible to easily print out clear schedules, print multiple copies and even hand them out if need be. Instead of relying on people’s hand writing or needing to get a copy machine for a company that might not need one you can just print multiple copies out. Digital technology makes many aspects of business easier. It’s not just high technology business either, many businesses that we don’t think of as being high tech can benefit greatly from technology. Shift scheduling software takes one of the most miserable and tedious parts of running a business and makes it easier. Shift scheduling software won’t make it so that your employees won’t call you a day out and tell you they need to change their shift around. It won’t prevent people from having weird time constraints, but it can make it easier to deal with these problems. Shift scheduling software is becoming easier to use and cheaper, at this point there isn’t much reason for companies to not us shift scheduling software to manage their personnel more easily. HotSchedules is a company that doesn’t believe that you need to be old fashioned when it comes to employee management. There are many ways to handle the simple issue of setting schedules and shifts. Employee scheduling software, Shift scheduling software, online hiring, applicant tracking systems, mobile scheduling software and using the proper restaurant scheduling templates can all improve a restaurant’s service. HotSchedules can be found online at or reached via telephone at 512-904-4299. If you want the tech programs you need, and real customer service to get the most out of them, give HotSchedules a call. 

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