Three Common Services For AC Repair Near Des Plaines

    Your home becomes a very different place depending on what season it is. That’s why there are some steps you need to take to prepare it for the hot summer months. One of these is to make sure the air conditioning system is in good working order. The following are common services for AC repair near Des Plaines you might need this summer.

    New Air Filters

    Air filters are easy to change while being extremely important to the operational capabilities of the HVAC system. A technician should change your air filters every 3 months to promote proper air circulation and prevent clogging. When choosing your next filters, get HEPA filters to ensure you are removing the most pathogens out of the air possible.

    A New Thermostat

    Another great way to improve the power and efficiency of your HVAC system is by installing a programmable thermostat. Consider one if you need a replacement because they can completely automate every phase of your HVAC system. You can even control them remotely from your smartphone or tablet via WiFi.

    Fix Leaks

    Over time, pipes, connections, and ductwork break down. This generally will cause a leak of either cold air or refrigerant. An air leak will force your HVAC to have to overwork, a disastrous thing for your utility bills. If refrigerant or other liquids are leaking, it causes both a big mess and possibly damages. This is a common service for AC repair near Des Plaines.

    If you need assistance getting your HVAC system ready for the summer, contact Heatmasters Heating & Cooling for professional air conditioner services. They have been winning over customers for decades. For more information on AC repair near Des Plaines, visit their website today.

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