Know the Signs of When to Call for Boiler Repair in Arlington Heights, IL

    Boilers are dependable heating systems and get many households through cold, harsh winters. Still, sometimes they need servicing. Check out this quick guide to learn the signs of impending failure and when to call for boiler repair in Arlington Heights, IL.

    Strange Rumblings

    A boiler that rattles and rumbles is concerning, but don’t worry. The boiler’s not going to explode. Most likely, the circulating pump has stopped working and is moving inside the case. Have the unit serviced to stop the noisy operation and prevent further damage. Sometimes AC and Furnace running at the same time.


    Boilers operate using a closed-loop system. So, the boiler shouldn’t leak water—ever. If there’s water pooling around the boiler tank, don’t wipe it up and call it a day. Instead, clean up the water and call for boiler repair services.

    Poor Heating

    Does the boiler do a poor job of heating the house? If the unit’s newer, it could be a circulation problem inside the boiler. However, if the boiler’s older, between 15 and 20 years old, it could be a sign of aging. A new boiler should solve the problem and deliver exceptional heating performance.

    Unusual Smells

    Never ignore foul odors coming from the boiler. A circuit issue might be to blame if it smells like burning plastic. A boiler with a rotten egg smell often has a gas leak. Turn off the boiler in any case and call for repairs.

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