This Boat Decking an Make Your Deep-Sea Fishing Trip More Comfortable

    A day of deep-sea fishing can be very tiring, making anti fatigue boat mats something to consider. Made of soft yet sturdy foam, these mats not only are anti-fatigue, but they are also anti-slip and anti-microbial. Best of all, this special foam boat decking comes in many colors and can even be custom-designed with your logo.

    To order foam anti fatigue boat mats, the first step is to pick out a color scheme, thickness, and pattern to complement your boat. Next, the dealer creates a digital scan of your boat’s deck. That scan is sent to a CAD designer to create the pattern. The pattern is used to precision-cut the foam you’ve chosen to the exact dimensions to fit your boat. The final step is a professional installation. Once installed, your new foam boat deck can last for up to seven years with proper care.

    Whether you own a commercial boat or a weekend pleasure craft, closed-cell foam decking adds to both comfort and style. It’s heat-resistant, slip-resistant, and comfortable to stand on. The anti-microbial qualities are great when hauling fish onto the deck. If yours is a commercial boat, your company logo can be stamped permanently into the foam. You could even have a ruler stamped in to measure the length of your catch. Custom closed-cell foam boat decking is the wave of the future and the possibilities are nearly endless.

    If you’re interested in anti-fatigue, custom closed-cell foam boat decking, check out DEKit for a dealer near you

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