3 Ways Diet Can Affect Your Oral Health Between Visits to a Detroit Dentist

    Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly each day is essential to maintaining good oral hygiene in Detroit, MI. Even when you follow these practices between dental checkups, it’s important to know that your diet can still affect your overall oral health. Once you learn more about how different foods can affect the condition of your teeth and gum tissue, you’ll see the importance of maintaining a healthier diet.

    Start With Natural Foods

    Just as eating junk food can adversely affect your oral health, eating plant-based foods will help you maintain better dental health. Your mouth is a home to a variety of harmful bacteria that can eat away at tooth enamel and infect gum tissue. The nutrients in natural foods will help fight that bacteria between brushing.

    Drink Water With Acidic Foods

    Even though tomatoes, oranges, and other acidic foods are good for you, they can corrode the enamel on your teeth. To combat this effect, eat these foods with other less acidic foods. You should also drink more water with these meals to help wash the acid out of your mouth.

    Eat Sticky Foods Rarely

    Maintaining good oral hygiene in Detroit, MI, should also involve eating fewer foods that are sticky or high in carbs. Even when a sticky food or carb isn’t high in sugar, it can still cling to your teeth and mix with the bacteria in your mouth. In a short time, this results in an acid that can cause tooth decay or gum disease.

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