The Use Of Data For Effective Assisted Living Marketing

    The use of online searches, online purchases, and other public types of data on use the web makes it easy to collect information on consumer activities and behaviors online. Companies that specialized in assisted living marketing support have developed highly precise algorithms that allow precision identification of seniors and decision makers in your community and area.

    It is important to remember that any data collected is not restricted by HIPAA regulations. Companies collecting data look at public documentation and online use only, with key search terms and types of purchases online pinpointing those with seniors in the home or seniors making purchases for themselves.

    Tracking and Reaching Prospects at Different Stages

    Ideally, assisted living marketing campaigns should target seniors and decision-makers in the family before they are actively seeking a senior community. This is the ideal time to build a rapport and for the senior living facility to become a trusted resource.

    Early connection with seniors and decision makers gives the assisted living facility time to highlight their services, provide testimonials from current residents and their families, and provide relevant and helpful information to the family.

    Understanding Response

    Through data analytics, assisted living marketing services can also help facilities to understand why the targeted audience may be choosing another facility. By identifying why another facility was selected, it is possible to change the marketing message and information to address those concerns and attract a higher number of potential candidates.

    Today, thanks to data and specialized marketing services for senior facilities, marketing can be streamlined, effective, and tested to maximize results in your geographic area.

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