Repairing Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction, a Leading Cause of Flat Feet

    A major cause of flat-footedness is one that most people aren’t even aware they have until they see a foot doctor for the intense pain in their lower calves and feet. This cause is known as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. It involves the posterior tibial tendon, which doesn’t function as it should, and causes the feet to roll inward at the ankles. A foot surgeon in Joliet IL can correct this problem, and here’s what the surgeon can do.

    A Lateral Incision With Tendon Repair

    The foot surgeon in Joliet will make a lateral incision, usually on the inside or outside of the lower leg, to expose the affected tendon. The tendon is then pulled a little tighter and stitched in such a way to disallow the rolling of the foot. You can still move your foot and ankle, but the foot and ankle will not have as much hyperextension as it did before. This is desirable in that the tendon will be trained to pull up on the lower parts of the foot and arch, and the ankle will straighten rather than buckle inward or outward.

    A Bandaged Leg, Stitches, and Rehab

    This type of surgery requires several post-procedure stitches, bandages to control fluid collection around the surgical site and to prevent infection, and lengthy rehab once the stitches are removed. However, about a year after the procedure, you will find that your foot, ankle, and calf all feel a lot better than they ever did. For a free consultation, contact Suburban Foot and Ankle Associates in Joliet, IL, via

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