The Recognizable Ford Emblem

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

Michigan native, Henry Ford revolutionized the world when he created the Model T. Not only did he create what was going to become known as the first automobile to really provide some competition for the horse and buggy, he also changed the way the manufacturing world was run. While Henry Ford will always be remembered for the automobile, arguably his greatest idea was the creation of the assembly line. When Henry Ford watched the very first Model T roll out of the factory it is doubtful that he had any idea that he had just paved the way for what was to become the most famous automobile in the world. Today the Ford is the most recognizable brand of car in the world, and it’s popularity shows no sign of decreasing in the future. One of the things that makes Ford so recognizable is the Ford emblem.  It is amazing just how many people around the world see that simply blue oval with the white word in the center and know that it stands for a company that puts a great deal of pride into creating a top quality car. It is strange to think that the Ford emblem that we are so familiar with today is actually fairly new. Since the Ford Company was first created in 1903 the emblem has gone through many changes. The very first Ford emblem that Henry Ford attached to his vehicles looked very different from what we are accustomed to. The first emblem was large and elaborate. It had a black background and white lettering. In addition to having the Ford Company name printed on it, the word’s Detroit Michigan were also included. It was name of the city printed on the Ford emblem that helped give Detroit the title of Motor City. That early Ford emblem was around for six years before it was replaced with the single word “Ford”. That 1909 Ford emblem was the first time that the italic font that we are so familiar with today was used. In 1912, Ford used two different emblems.  One featured eagles wings and was the first time the company tried the white letters on the brilliant blue back ground. The second design was black lettering on a white background but had the name “Ford” printed inside the oval that we are so familiar with today. In addition to appearing in the middle of the grill on all Ford vehicles, the logo has also been used in the design of promotional clothing. The current emblem was first introduced in the mid 1970’s and the company does not appear to be in any hurry to change it. The logo is a classic example of how simplicity can be a great way to promote a company and generate both brand and product recognition.  

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