The possible careers of a chemical engineering graduate

An individual can graduate as a chemical engineer after four or five years of post secondary school level. The educational demands are stringent, with many hours of study and lab work required. At times you may also need to fall back on an online chemistry tutor to help you with certain aspects of the courses. Upon graduation, the new chemical engineer has to set a career path which will make full use of his new skills. Perhaps in the first ten years after graduation the career options are grouped into analysis, sales, training and processing. There are many opportunities for a chemical engineer, these opportunities include rapid promotion and travel as well as new and diverse work.
An analysis of a professional career will show that it is around 40 years long, during these 40 years most people will change paths a number of times, perhaps as many as eight. At different stages in ones career the options vary, they vary based on experiences, additional education and effort. It is not enough to expect promotions and higher salaries just because you are a chemical engineering graduate, to achieve the success you have envisioned a great deal of hard work and dedication is required.
Working in the area of chemical analysis is an ideal career path for those who enjoy a laboratory setting. The opportunities for analysis can be found from research labs to industrial chemical manufacturers. For the graduate chemical engineer who has in-depth knowledge of computers, this career can be very rewarding. Over time there will be many opportunities for advancement, the compensation and the complexity of the work increases considerably. Upon retirement, many lab chemists turn to working as an online chemistry tutor.
The chemical engineer who finds that he or she has excellent people skills may enjoy sales as a career. Those involved in sales can focus on chemicals, chemical equipment and other associated products.
Many chemical engineers find their way into the chemical industry where they hold demanding positions in production, quality control and senior process engineers. It is the chemical industry that is responsible for developing new products on an ongoing basis to satisfy the demands of the consumer. These new products often require years of testing and analysis prior to product launch, all done under the watchful eyes of chemical engineers.

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