Finding Competent Harassment Lawyers in New Jersey

Being harassed at work poses special considerations, particularly when it crosses the line into preventing you from earning a living. Some people mistakenly believe legal harassment is limited to overt sexual advances.  Harassment lawyers in New Jersey can help you deal with situations that leave you feeling unable to perform well at work.
Sexual Harassment
Unfortunately, sexual harassment is prevalent in the workplace and pressures run high for victims to put up with it. These actions don’t have to be perpetrated by a man against a woman. They don’t have to be direct at all. Two kinds of behavior meet the requirements for legal remediation.
Quid pro quo sexual harassment cases involved employees who were pressured or forced to engage in sexual activity to keep their jobs or do well at work. Threats do not have to be overt. The offer of sex in exchange for continued employment, raises or advancement is not just harassing behavior; it is sexual abuse. Courts respond strongly to accusations, but having an experienced lawyer with you can help.
The other form of sexual harassment is described as creating a hostile work environment. Displaying photos of scantily clad women, commenting on someone else’s body, inappropriately touching a person, talking about sex acts with them or even telling obscene jokes can count as creating a hostile work environment. Unfortunately, these can be tougher to prove and more difficult to assess compensation for.
Harassment lawyers in New Jersey can walk you through the process, starting from the first complaint. Approaching court from the right perspective can make all the difference in your lawsuit. There is often a thin line between asking for reasonable compensation and looking like a nuisance plaintiff. Professionals who have been through the process before can help you craft the right impression and help you win your case.
Other Discrimination
New Jersey offers some of the most thorough protection for workers found in the United States. The basics of sex, race and religion are covered, along with physical and mental health issues, marital status, sexual orientation, transgender status and more. When people in your workplace make you uncomfortable because of these issues, you have a right to seek relief. Harassment lawyers in New Jersey can help you design a plan for finding peace or for securing your financial future due to a related job change