The Many Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Beauty Salon and Products

There are a variety of reasons why women (and men) choose to visit an Austin dermatologist for laser hair removal. The main reason is usually always cosmetic or pertains to convenience – one may have hair growing in an inconvenient part of the body, or dislike the feeling of ingrown hairs that appear after waxing. Runners, swimmers, and other people who are deeply involved in a specific sport may find Austin laser hair removal to be far easier than shaving every few days. Regardless of the reasons people visit their dermatologist in Austin; laser hair removal provides several benefits when they do come.

The first benefit is of course that laser hair removal is much easier than regular shaving, especially for women. Shaving hair under the arms, for instance, may be necessary every few days for some women. After five or so treatments, it may only be necessary to shave underarm hair once a month; beyond five treatments, every six months may suffice. Five laser treatments is usually recommended because it reduces hair by at least 75% and can potentially do so by at least 90%, but this can of course vary depending upon one’s particular needs.

As a result of reducing hair by at least 80%, patients also reduce ingrown hair and tend to have smoother skin. Women who use an Austin laser hair removal dermatologist find that their legs are softer for a far longer period of time than is achieved by shaving or waxing. Hairs that are not extracted or that regrow also tend to be much thinner, less substantial and light-colored.

Physical advantages extend into psychological benefits as well. Many people suffer from embarrassment from having hair where it is not usually found, such as women who have facial hair, or men who are extraordinarily hairy along their backside. There are women who have been so self-conscious about their facial hair, they have been reluctant to date or even kiss another person. Many men wear shirts to the beach for similar reasons. A woman cannot shave her face and waxing your back is painful. Laser hair removal restores confidence, better body image, and improved self-esteem in both situations.

Side effects of laser hair removal are minimal and it works better for some people than others, due to differences in hair color and skin pigmentation. As in any other medical procedure, you should consult with your dermatologist in Austin about whether or not laser hair removal is right for you, and if not, what other kinds of remedies might be available.

If you’re searching for Austinlaser hair removal, Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology can provide excellent advice and techniques for removing unwanted hair from your body. As licensed dermatologists, we can work with you if you are suffering from acne and blemishes or from dry and cracked skin, as well as help you to improve your appearance as you age. Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology is located at Steiner Ranch at 4300 N. Quinlan Park Rd (512-266-0007) and in Pflugerville at 302 N. Heatherwilde Blvd, Suite 200 (512-252-3700). Visit us online.

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