The Endless Hour -An Emotionally Wrenching True Story

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

Do you prefer reading death experience books? Do you find it fascinating to read books that tell true stories about souls and spirits and the unknown realm of the human mind? Then, you should make it a point to read ‘The Endless Hour’ by Jesse Battle – one of the most captivating works on that subject ever written! It’s a must have for every reader who prefer reading intense and emotionally wrenching true stories. The intensity of the content will definitely touch your heart and will make you relate with every event depicted in this true story. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read for book lovers who prefer to look beyond the ususal subjects of love, hate, passion and relationships, depicted in most works of fiction. This book is a class apart! The content is well reaserched and is so rich in information about ‘life after death’ and ‘near death experiences’ that you cant help thinking about these unsolved mysteries of life and death and supernatural elements, even after you complete reading the whole book! The author has done meticulous research on the subject matter and has come up with this unique creation of his that’s definitely going to find favor with you! ‘The Endless Hour’ depicts the true story of the struggles of a young boy named Jesse, who’s in search of “himself and the truth”. There’s mention of evil spirits and demons and ‘near death experiences’ in the plot that makes the whole story unique and thought-provoking, to say the least. You can’t help wondering about these unusual things and would naturally wish to delve deeper into the plot once you start reading it from chapter one. Most of us nurture a desire to know about after-life and what happens when we die, how’s the feeling, where do souls go after the physical death of the body, questions which aren’t still above speculation. We try to get hold of near death experience books and literatures that deal with such topics and wish to find answers to these unsolved questions. However, there aren’t much books written so far which provide reasonable answer to these topics. There are two main reasons for that; first the authors won’t find enough resource to take help from, as these are questionable topics, and secondly, there’s only a niche audience who prefer reading books on these specific subjects. ‘The Endless Hour’ is an exceptional book! It’s more like a roller-coaster ride, it’s an adventurous journey that will take you into the unknown realms of human fantasy. It’s a thoroughly engaging story book which deserve a place in every book shelf.

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