The Best of Canterbury Rugby Gear

    Canterbury rugby association is the biggest union of rugby clubs in southern New Zealand and includes 47 of the best clubs and 3 unions overall. Their unique branding in the sport has given them a podium ahead of every other union in the world, and they are considered one of the most powerful congregations of rugby clubs. They have won the New Zealand’s top provincial games three years in a row, and have a total of five National Provincial Championships. Their training methods and unique team selection gives them superb advantage over other clubs, and their influence also extends over the rugby associations of Australia and South Africa; making them an international power bloc in the sport. If you are a player, or your children are into the sport, encouragement to do better from every direction is necessary. One of the best motivators for a sports enthusiast or a sportsman is their jersey and gear. It imbibes in them a spirit of the game and pride of the colors they wear. The team unites over these colors, and the game is, after all a team game. To get the best of jerseys for this sports, Canterbury rugby gear are cherished by every player. These jerseys and shorts are also known for their strength and durability, as well as their most comfortable fitting and stitching. Rugby is a power sport and all about rough and tumble. ‘Ruck, Scrum, Maul’ – this is one of the most basic slogans of the game, and yes, action is the big game plan. The sport is strenuous, and a bit different from American football. However, since American football is a derivative of the game of rugby, they have the same physical attributes. Unless the gear a used is as tough as the player, you’ll have to be changing jerseys and shorts at the drop of a hat! Canterbury rugby gear cannot promise that they won’t tear (that would be impossible in a sport so rough); but they do promise to be of the best quality and made of the toughest materials available. A big brand like Canterbury has to provide for many different teams around the world, and hence have a wide variety of choices to select from. They also have a few different designs, though their standard design is the most preferred globally. If you want specific sponsor and club logos on the gear, Canterbury rugby wear offers you that as well. You can choose to have them embroidered, heat pressed in vinyl, and even printed in ink depending on your budget and choice.

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