Steps To Successfully Apply For a Disability Claim

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Legal Advice

People who get seriously ill or injured in the tenure of their work can file for disability claims. To apply for disability income, you have to qualify under certain criteria. Here are some steps to apply for disability income. Get the Proper Forms Get all the necessary application forms for disability benefits- both from private insurance and social security. Even if you are doubtful about applying, acquaint yourself with all the requirements and explore all the possible options. Obtain Doctor’s Approval You can take a verbal agreement from your physician that you won’t be able to attend work for a given period of time. The doctor may sometimes not approve of this due to certain conditions. Most of the disability applications will ask for a proof to confirm your disability. In such cases, it is beneficial that you get a confirmation from the doctor. Your doctor should be aware that you are applying for a disability claim. You can also consult your doctor on similar cases of the past and what was the experience with them. Lead Doctor Some doctors offer their services to serve as an advocate for you when you want to apply for a disability income. Some doctors have good experience in the disability field, offering valuable inputs and at times give written confirmation letters. Medical Records You should submit all the required documents to the lead doctor and make sure that he is aware of all the medical treatments that you have undergone. Maintain a Journal When applying for disability claims prepare a journal and update it regularly. You should make a note of the condition, the symptoms and the limitations you are facing. You can jot down the reasons why you are not able to take up employment Medical Prescriptions Mention in your journal the medicines that you are taking and all its side effects, if any, which may prevent you from taking up a gainful employment. Disability claims are difficult to get. Ensure that you approach in a right way to get the maximum benefits.

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