Should Fleets Lease A Commercial Truck In Texas?

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Automotive

Many, if not most, of the large freight companies in Texas, have at least some lease trucks in their fleet. As a fleet manager, making the choice lease a commercial truck is an important consideration that can add up to considerable cost-savings as well as additional benefits over the term of the lease.

Buying a truck from any Texas dealership also has its advantages. However, for many companies, the upfront costs and the larger loan payments on these types of purchases are no longer viable for fleets. Additionally, the depreciation on a new heavy duty truck is substantial, which offsets the ability to sell the truck at a profit as it gets older.

New Technology Advantages

It is impossible to overlook the ongoing advances in technology with big trucks. They are safer, more efficient, and offer greater fuel economy thanks to advances in onboard computers and software systems, which makes the option to lease a commercial truck and upgrade as needed an attractive option.

Making the decision to lease a commercial truck means always having the option to upgrade the fleet to take advantage of the latest in technology. This helps the fleet manager in overall vehicle maintenance, monitoring, and performance assessments that are not possible with trucks even a few years old.

Greater Economy of Operation

In addition to technology, new designs in truck bodies add to aerodynamics, which increases fuel efficiency and vehicle performance. Other advances such as automatic transmissions, predictive cruise controls, lane departure alerts, and other forms of driver assist packages add to the economy of operating new trucks, something that is a challenge if the company owns the truck rather than leasing.

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