3 Ways Your Urgent Care Patients Can Benefit from All-In-One Records Access

    A typical urgent care facility is different than a regular doctor’s office in that things are often fast-paced. Plus, there will likely be more patient interactions, which means having accurate, easily accessible records is even more critical. The solution is to have urgent care electronic health records that can be conveniently accessed from one source, a move that can provide the following benefits for your urgent care patients.

    Making an Accurate Diagnosis Quickly

    Having immediate access to a patient’s entire medical history means physicians on your staff can base their evaluations on more than just a brief patient summary. This also means your patients will likely be diagnosed quickly and accurately – which is certainly important at an urgent care clinic.

    Reducing Frustrating Billing Errors

    Urgent care is often covered by insurance, which can provide some added peace of mind for your patients. However, unintentional billy errors can contribute to unexpected headaches for some of those same patients. With an all-in-one setup, however, billing errors and oversights can be greatly reduced, and required documentation can be quickly submitted.

    Improving Follow-Up Care

    Many urgent care facilities check back to see how patients are responding to the treatments) that were provided. It’s a lot easier to offer this type of follow-up care when dealing with multiple patients when urgent care electronic health records are quickly accessible from one source.

    An all-in-one system with urgent care electronic health records also makes life easier on your end as well with billing and other internal processes. And when things are running efficiently on your end that ultimately means patients in need of urgent care are going to also reap the rewards.

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