Questions To Ask Atlanta Caterers

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Restaurants

There are many different types of Atlanta Caterers that can provide something as simple as lunch for an office meeting or brunch for a thousand people. Caterers are widely used for events such as wedding, birthdays, parties, corporate events and other large gatherings. Finding a caterer is not very hard, but you do have to know what kind of questions to ask and what kind of caterer to look for to make sure you are getting a decent one. First, make sure you find out what type of transportation method the caterer uses to ensure that food stays at the right temperature. Every year, thousands of people fall ill to catered food because the caterer did not make sure the food stayed at the right temperature. It’s crucial that you find Atlanta caterers who take food handling and transportation of the food very seriously. You don’t want to have people getting sick from the food they ate at your event. That would not make for a memorable event at all. Make sure the food you are having catered is fresh, never frozen. The quality of the food is very important. Food that has been frozen will taste like food that has been frozen and your guests will notice. Make sure your caterer provides only fresh food. If possible, schedule a sampling of the different foods they offer. This is a great way to find good Atlanta caterers. If you are able to try the food and know first hand that it is delicious, this makes finding a caterer much easier. It’s still a good idea to meet with a few different caterers until you find the one you decide to use for your event. Price is always something to consider, but don’t choose price over quality of food. Depending on what type of event you are having catered, you may want to find out if the caterer has a wait staff. Some Atlanta caterers just deliver the food and it is served buffet style. Other caterers provide servers to actually bring the food to your table and get you refills on drinks, clear your table, etc. If you want a wait staff at your event, ask the caterer if they provide their own wait staff or if they hire them from a temp agency. If they are hired from a temp agency, chances are the caterer won’t even know them or have worked with them before. It’s best to find a caterer that has their own experienced wait staff that knows exactly how the guests should be treated. Call a few different Atlanta caterersto find one that you feel will be able to provide you with the type of catering you need. Atlanta caterers are available online or in your local phone book.

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