Boat Insurance – Basics and Types of Policies Available

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Insurance

A boat is an expensive asset. It is a luxury for many. When you own a boat, getting insurance for it should be something that you consider. Boat insurance is just like car insurance. You have to insure your boat against physical damage and the people within it in case of an accident. You can find insurance policies for boats from several insurance companies. The type and amount that you pay will vary depending on the type of boat that you have, its speed and your personal profile. Your budget also plays a crucial role in determining the type of policy that you have. It is important to get the right and affordable boat insurance when you need it. You can get advice from professionals in this field who will advise you on what will be suitable for your boat. There are different types of insurance policies. They include: * Physical Damage Protection Policy- This policy ensures that you get payment for any physical damage that your boat incurs. A boat is exposed to conditions that leave it vulnerable to physical damage. Therefore, this boat insurance, Naples policy is a must have for every boat owner. The policy will pay for the replacement of your boat in case of a fire, theft, storm or vandalism. It is important to note that it does not cover things within the boat. It is important to read the policy to see if the boat is still covered by the policy when it is docked, being transported and in use. * Liability Protection Policy- This boat insurance, Naples policy covers you when your vessel causes damage to property or another vessel. The insurance will cover payment for the other vessel. It will also cover payment for any medical bill in case people are injured. If there are any legal fees because of a case resulting from such a situation the insurance will pay for it. * Medical Payments Policy- This boat insurance policy covers you and the passengers in your boat in case of an accident. It pays for the medical bills regardless of the cause. It is important to find out whether the policy covers people swimming from your boat. This cover varies from one insurance company to another it is important to find out what the insurance covers from the agreement that you have made with the insurance company. There are other insurance policies that cover boats; but these are the major ones. As a boat owner, these are the policies that you cannot do without. It is important to ensure that the policy that you get suits the needs of your boat. Also try and find the most affordable company to offer you these policies. If you are the owner of a boat,then you need to treasure and safeguard your baot with the help of professional boat insurance agency . In Naples, Harrington Insurance Group has the right insurance plan for you. For more details visit

Boat Insurance Agency

Boat Insurance Agency

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