Professional Custom Wine Cellar Design Charlotte NC – How to Make Your Home Wine Cellar Stand Out

If you have made the decision to have a custom wine cellar built in your home or your commercial property, you can be adding a great addition to that property that will make storing and displaying your wine collection easy. If you are having a custom wine cellar created for your home, there are a few design ideas that you may want to keep in mind as you create your new wine cellar, so that your finished room really stands out.

Designing a wine cellar is unlike designing any other room in the home, so a great option when it comes to testing out ideas is to use a company that lets you create Custom Wine Cellar Design Charlotte NC online with a design program. This can help you get an idea of how your finished cellar will look as you test out some of these innovative wine cellar design ideas.

Rows and Racks The primary focus of any wine cellar will be the display rows and the racks that are used to store your actual wine bottles. A great way to make your cellar more useful and more visually interesting is to use a combination of traditional racks to store your bottles in along with more open display rows that can be used to showcase special bottles.

When you pick out your racks, make sure to choose racks with extra depth so your bottles won’t stick out as far and the necks will be protected. You can also add special cabinets or different styles or colors of wood racks to make the area room more unique and diversified. Cabinetry and Storage Another thing to consider with wine cellar design is your additional storage.

Along with your wine racks and display shelves you may want to add bulk storage bins or areas to store wine boxes. Islands and peninsulas are also great additions and can add extra storage for accessories and glasses while bringing an extra design element to the space. If you are concerned with cabinet storage, try adding integrated cabinetry in the same stain as your racks. Colors and Lighting The colors you choose for your flooring and countertops can make a great deal of difference in how your finished design looks. Add coordinating colors with your floor and countertops to make the cellar look more cohesive. Also, adding lighting behind the racks or in the display cases can bring extra light into a normally dark cellar.

Additional Adornments Adding some finishing touches to your wine cellar design is a great way to add some personal style to your cellar. Consider adding reclaimed wine barrels for decoration, wrapped archways or curved corners to give the cellar a sophisticated feel that will make it look truly unique. Custom Wine Cellars offers professional wine cellar design services to residential and commercial clients.

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