Behind the Reasons of PET Images of the Heart in Illinois Offices

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Health

You probably already know that a routine physical is beneficial for your health. It can help your doctor monitor any abnormal blood pressure readings or other issues that arise. A PET scan of the heart is beneficial as well as it gives your doctor a better view of what’s going on inside the vital organ.

Prior Heart Attacks

If you’ve had a heart attack or you have a family history of heart attacks, then your doctor will like want you to consider cardiac PET imaging. The scan will allow your doctor to see if your heart is damaged, which can lead to the best treatment options. Your doctor can also see if there are any issues with the arteries, such as blockages, that could warrant further testing.


Pain in your chest should be addressed right away. While it could be low iron or other issues with your blood, chest pain could also be a sign that there is something wrong with your heart. Cardiac PET imaging can show your doctor if there is any stress on your heart that could result in the pain that you’re experiencing. If there are no clear signs, then your doctor would be able to look at other areas of your body to determine what could be causing the pain you have.


If you experience fatigue, a PET scan can alert your doctor as to whether or not your blood is flowing properly as this could lead to a lack of oxygen getting through your body. The scan can reveal issues that could be present with the chambers of the heart as well as this can also result in weakness in the rest of the body.

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