Personalized Chocolate Hearts Make Unique Shower Favors

Showers are a special time for family and friends to get together and celebrate an important upcoming event, such as a wedding or the birth of a new baby. When people attend these showers, they are often rewarded with a special favor to commemorate the day. Choosing these favors can be one of the most difficult aspects of planning the party. When you choose personalized chocolate hearts, they can be customized to fit the occasion. Choosing the Colors Most showers follow a set theme. These themes often have specific colors associated with them. Even if they don’t, most of the time you will need to choose colors for the plates and decorations to unify the theme. When you are choosing your custom chocolate favors, you will be able to choose the color of the foil wrappers so these favors can match the rest of the shower, continuing the unified look you are aiming for. Using Words and Graphics Once you have chosen the color for the foil, you can further customize the personalized chocolate hearts with the words and graphics printed on the wrappers and the chocolates themselves. Choose a graphic that matches the theme of the shower or print a simple “thank you” message on the chocolates. The recipients will appreciate this added touch of personalization in addition to the delicious chocolate they will get to enjoy as a dessert or at home later. Passing Them Out There are several ways for you to distribute the chocolate favors you will give out at the shower. Some people like to package them up in special favor boxes or other packaging to leave out for the guests at the table or by the door. Others prefer to place them in a basket on the tables or close to the door to allow everyone to take what they want. Still others use the favors as a decoration. Using personalized chocolate hearts as a favor for your next shower will give your guests something they will truly enjoy, as well as something you can customize to meet your needs. From the color of the wrappers to the printing on the wrappers and the chocolates, you can choose whatever best matches the theme of your shower. Once you have customized and received the chocolates, you can then focus on how you plan to distribute them to your guests, thanking them for sharing in your special day. To learn more about choosing Personalized Chocolate Hearts for your next shower, visit or call 1-866-230-7730.