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by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

When you have found the perfect brand, style, scent, and throw of soy candles for your aesthetic taste you will want to make sure that your time, energy, and money invested in the candles will last a long time, and that the candles will last a lot longer than the bargain basement candles that ended up not fitting your tastes. The key to having long lasting candles is to take proper care of them, and many people do not know that there is such a thing as proper care for a candle. If you have soy candles for burning, as opposed to melting on a candle warmer, then you will want to make sure that your wick is trimmed to between a quarter of an inch and a half of an inch so that burn times will be longer and you will have less initial wick ash in your candle. If you do not allow your candle to burn for about one hour per inch of diameter then you will have what is called a tunneling effect where only the wax inside of a narrow tunnel around the wick will burn. Tunneling will ultimately reduce the life of your candle as more wick and less wax is burned each time you light your candle. Candles in a container will have an easier time when it comes to combating tunneling a the container will heat up as the wax melts, causing more wax to melt. Soy candles, which have a low melting temperature, are usually container candles. Any wax that is left from your burned candle once the wick is gone can be melted with a candle warmer to extend the life of the fragrance, or even melted into a smaller container with a new wick. You can find many books and supplies to help you care for and make your candles, both online and through your local craft or hobby store. Never leave a burning candle unattended as this can cause fires, burns, and other harm. If you have candles for melting on a candle warmer, you can either purchase a candle with a wick and use it with a warmer, or you can purchase wick-less candles and wax cubes to use with various different kinds of burners. These candles will have their own care instructions such as, never leave a candle on a warmer unattended as the candle can be tipped over. You will want to make sure that if you have a candle in a glass container that there is not a cold breeze that can cause thermal shock to the glass, and be sure to turn the warmer off and leave the candle on the warmer until completely cooled to prevent burns and spills. Looking to buy online soy candles , visit Top Shelf Candles offers online shopping for various types of soy candles. Visit them now!

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