Options Your Austin Child Custody Lawyer Might Suggest

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Legal Advice

According to the United States Census Bureau, 46% of all marriages in the United States in 2008 involved a remarriage of one or both spouses. The Census Bureau also estimated that 40% of all marriages ended in divorce in 2008. Although the divorce rate declined marginally in 2009, so did the marriage rate. Almost 90% cases of divorce are settled out of court with or without legal assistance. Additionally, when children are involved, the matter has to be dealt with a greater level of sensitivity. There is the issue of child custody, which could have grave repercussions on young hearts. If you are a parent and have filed for divorce in Austin, a child custody lawyer should be immediately contacted for legal assistance. Austin Child Custody Lawyer: Alternatives Offered When in Austin, a child custody lawyer should be primarily hired for effective out of court settlements. This would be easier on the child. Listed below are some of the options that a child custody lawyer might suggest.

  • To start with, he would ask you if you are seeking physical or legal custody of the child. Physical custody would mean keeping the child with you or being able to live with him or her for most of the time. Legal custody would be related to taking important decisions with respect to the child’s education, healthcare, upbringing and the likes. In Austin, a child custody lawyer would often suggest an option where the physical custody goes to one parent but the legal custody is shared between both.
  • Another option could be joint physical custody, which most Austin child custody lawyers are unlikely to suggest. Living in turns with both parents could prove to be unsettling for the child. He would not have the opportunity of leading a stable and normal life like his friends. The psychological implications could also be grave.
  • Another potentially stressful option would be to go for split custody. In such cases, the siblings would be separated, each living with one parent. This could be immensely damaging to the interests of the children. They not only lose their family but they are also deprived of growing up with their siblings. This could cause major insecurity in them and could also lead to huge amounts of stress.

When fighting a case for the custody of your child in Austin, a child custody lawyer who can deal with in court and out of court settlements should be preferred. If a consensus cannot be reached, the case would be up for debate in court. In such cases, various factors like the involvement of the parent in the child’s life and the preference of the child would be taken into consideration.     Austin Child Custody Lawyer – When in Austin, a child custody lawyer of high repute can be accessed on www.evansfamilylawgroup.com. The attorneys here have substantial experience in dealing with courtroom debates and out of court settlements. Therefore, comprehensive assistance is guaranteed.

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