Non-Invasive Skin Lifting In Bonita Springs FL

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Beauty Salon and Products

Why Do We Get Wrinkles? Do you take care of your skin the way you should? Not taking care of your skin can lead to premature wrinkles and saggy, uneven skin. There are procedures for non-invasive skin lifting in Bonita Springs FL that may be helpful in getting your youthful appearance back. But in the meantime, there are some things you can do to stop the aging now. One of the biggest reasons people get wrinkles besides aging is being exposed to the sun. If you are out in the sun all day and do not wear sunscreen, you are asking for wrinkles and damage to your skin. Not only that, you are putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. There is no excuse for not wearing at least some type of sunscreen when you are outdoors. It is not expensive and it can save your life. Look for sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or higher. Make sure to reapply often especially after swimming or sweating. Be sure to cover up your head with a hat too. Often times people will apply sunscreen to their face and body but forget about their head. The scalp can burn too and this can hurt a lot when you go to wash or brush your hair. Another reason people get premature wrinkles is from smoking. If you smoke, there are several reasons why you should stop. You are putting yourself at risk for lung cancer, emphysema and all kinds of other serious health problems. Smoking contributes to wrinkles in the face because it decreases the flow of oxygen to your skin. This can make your skin look dull. If you are wanting a younger looking face, put down the cigarettes. In addition to wearing sunscreen and quitting smoking, there are non-invasive skin lifting in Bonita Springs FL that can help you get a healthier looking glow. Most of these procedures are ways of either injecting collagen into the skin, or helping to stimulate new collagen growth. There are different clinics and spas that offer these procedures. Most of them come with no risks or side effects. You can check with your local spa or dermatologist to learn about each type of procedure and if it right for you. The cost and results vary depending on the procedure. By choosing non-invasive face lifting, you will be sparing your face from the knife. Eliminating your chances of scarring and other risks that come with surgeries. It’s also quicker than surgery and there is usually no down time. You can be in and out the same day. Non-invasive Skin Lifting Bonita Springs FL – Contact us for more information about non-invasive skin lifting in Bonita Springs FL. You can get a youthful glow without having to go under the knife with non-invasive skin lifting in Bonita Springs FL.

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