Miami, FL, is the Place Where Anyone Young or Old Can Dance the Day Away

    Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for your life to change. Dancing in a variety of styles can put a smile on your face. Dance classes in Miami, FL, are for the young and young at heart who want to add dancing to their day.

    Dancing and More

    Dance classes in Miami, FL, are more than the fun of dancing in a studio. We offer the options of summer camp, parties and dressing up in cute dance costumes for recitals. Toddler classes are available for budding gymnasts and musicians in Mommy and Me classes. There are Mommy and Me classes in yoga, art and dancing, too.

    Dance for Kids

    Ballet and tap are the primary forms of dance taught, but there are classes you might want your child to take to broaden their horizons. Jazz, hip hop and flamenco are all available for kids. Acro is a style of dance that combines acrobatics and classical dance, and it is a favorite of many young dancers.

    Groups for dance team, dancers with special needs and ballroom dancing are offered for those interested in social get together. Private lessons are offered for anyone not ready to show their skills until they are ready.

    Dance for Adults

    Choices for adult dance lessons include Latin, Salsa and Merengue. Ballroom dancing is another fun way for adults to socialize with peers. Ballet continues to be a favorite for many adults, and private lessons are offered for one-on-one attention. Even belly dancing is offered from time to time.

    Your little darlings of any age will love the Pinecrest Dance Project. Contact us today at so you can all dance to your hearts’ content.

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