3 Upgrades All Luxury German Kitchens in Twickenham Should Have

    Luxury kitchen renovations are all about taking something that’s already great and making it even better. To make your kitchen the best room in the house, there are always upgrades that can take it to the next level. From small touches like upgraded countertops to more sizable additions like high-end appliances, your luxury kitchen should always be striving to be better than it was yesterday.

    Consider these three upgrades to make your kitchen as luxurious as possible:

    1. Granite Countertops

    Every kitchen needs a surface where you can prep food and keeps it hot or cold while you cook. Granite is a great choice for bespoke kitchen design in Twickenham because it’s durable, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. Whether your space is small or large, you can find granite that will fit well into your design scheme.

    You can also consider tiles made of other materials if granite is out of your budget range. Since tile countertops are porous, they require more maintenance than marble does.

    2. Designer Appliances

    Bespoke kitchen design in Twickenham calls for high-quality appliances, especially if you like to experiment with new recipes and culinary techniques. While a designer appliance is something of a splurge, it’s an investment that’ll last you years. Moreover, they can make your home more valuable on resale. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line options, try brands like Thermador, Viking, Miele, or SubZero.

    3. Innovative Lighting

    Innovative lighting is the icing on the cake when it comes to Luxury German Kitchens in Twickenham. Try out some new and different lighting fixtures, like under-cabinet LED lights that cast a soft glow over your countertop.

    The modern minimalist look of these fixtures provides a sleek appearance to any kitchen, all while giving you extra light where you need it most. Likewise, you may want to utilize dimmer switches so you can adjust your lighting to suit your mood or task at hand.

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