Mesh Surgery Can Result in Mesh Erosion That Requires More Mesh Surgery

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Law Services

The unbelievable ordeal that many surgical mesh patients have had to endure is akin, in a sense, to the “Hall of Horrors” most of us remember from the old days of carnivals in that one is exposed to one heart-stopping horror after another. If you’re suffering from surgical mesh erosion after having undergone an implant procedure to correct bladder prolapse, then barely have you recovered from the shock of one problem before you find that you’re encountering another. Unlike the “Hall of Horrors,” though, women who are experiencing the horror of mesh erosion find that there is often no exit in sight. Some patients continue to suffer after multiple surgeries and find that their only hope for resolution to their situation is by filing a mesh erosion lawsuit. Many women experience incontinence issues following the birth of children and/or as they age because the bladder is weakened and begins to drop or, in medical terms, prolapse. Seeking relief from such a condition they turn to doctors who, heretofore, were very quick to recommend surgical mesh as a solution. However, so many surgeries have resulted in a condition called mesh erosion that the FDA has issued multiple warnings regarding the use of mesh. Mesh erosion usually occurs within a year of the original surgery and involves the mesh eroding into the soft tissues where it was initially implanted, often the bladder and/or the vagina. Attempts to correct the problem usually involve further surgery, either to repair the initial implantation or to try to remove the eroded tissue. Some women have had multiple surgeries I an effort to remove all of the mesh implanted. In addition to the inconvenience and medical risk of the surgeries involved, mesh erosion is extremely painful. When the mesh begins to erode women experience sever pain in their abdomens, hips, and even down into their legs. Sexual intercourse becomes extremely painful if not impossible altogether. There can be bleeding and/or discharge, urinary tract problems, and damage to the surrounding organs. Almost all medical care providers now understand that the use of mesh was a lawsuit waiting to happen and are much more prudential regarding its use. However, that provides little relief to those now in the grips of its horrors. If you are suffering from mesh erosion or any other side effects of TVM surgery, an attorney can assist you in filing a lawsuit in order to obtain compensation not only for the financial costs that have been involved, but for the suffering you have been forced to endure as well. Consult with a lawyer about the advisability of such a lawsuit so that you can get the justice that you deserve.

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