Improve Customer Service with IVR Solutions

    Customer service is a critical element to all businesses. Without happy customers, your business won’t survive. If you are still operating with the older interactive menus that require callers to press numbers on their keypad to reach the proper employee at your company or to get the answers they seek, you need to consider an upgrade. While this has been a useful method of providing quality customer service for years, companies are now switching over to interactive voice response, or IVR, solutions. More Options Each button on a touch-tone phone emits a specific sound, which is what tells the computer at the other end which option the customer picked. However, because there are a limited number of buttons on a telephone, you are limited in your options. Upgrading to an IVR system will ensure you can use any number of options to allow you to provide your customers with the high level of customer service they expect from you. Short Cuts While a touch-tone operated menu often uses the zero or asterisk key to allow customers to reach the operator for additional help, not all systems implement this option or they may require you to go through several menus before you get to the selection you need. With the help of IVR solutions instead, you will provide your customers with the ability to get where they want to go within your phone system more quickly and efficiently. Your customers won’t need to navigate a difficult system, which will improve their level of satisfaction with your company. Versatility Voice recognition has come a long way. If you implement a voice response solution as part of your customer service phone lines, you can rest assured your customers will find what they are looking for, no matter what they say. These systems are designed to accept any number of verbal commands that mean the same thing. This means your customers don’t need to say anything specific. All they need to do is say what they need and they will be transferred, reducing their level of frustration and increasing satisfaction. You want your customers to be pleased with their experience when they contact you for any reason. With the help of IVR solutions, you will be able to create a voice-activated menu that will help your customers reach the department they need quickly and efficiently. With the ability to program unlimited options, direct access to the options your customers need and the versatility to use any number of synonyms for the same action will give you the ability to keep your customers happy and coming back. If you are still using a touch-tone button menu system for your customer service and are interested in Business Name for your business, visit the BTI Communications Group at website domain.

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