How Will Your Port Orange Dentist Treat a Tooth Infection?

by | Oct 29, 2020 | Oral Surgeon

When a decaying tooth isn’t given proper attention right away, infections can then lead to pus. This is called an abscessed tooth and it must be given proper care right away to alleviate pain and prevent the infection from spreading. It may be helpful to know more about your options for a tooth infection treatment in Port Orange.

Draining and Cleaning the Tooth

If a tooth infection is caught early enough, you may only need a minor draining procedure. This involves draining the pus from the tooth and rinsing it with a saline solution. There may be minor drilling to get rid of the remaining decay before the filling and capping of the tooth with a crown.

Root Canal Procedure

For a more serious infection, your dentist will try to save the tooth by performing a root canal procedure. This type of tooth infection treatment in Port Orange involves drilling into the pulp of the tooth to clear away the pus and decay. The pulp area of the tooth will go through filling with a crown.

Tooth Extraction

A tooth that’s severely infected may not survive it. To protect the surrounding teeth and bone, the dentist will pull the tooth and drain the area of the pus. Your dentist will also recommend a dental implant to fill the space, so the surrounding teeth won’t shift.

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