How to Get an MBBS In The USA?

    Most students in India are interested in completing an MBBS in the country. However, with the large number of students writing the NEET exam every year for the very small number of MBBS and PG seats, it is very difficult.

    An alternative for Indian students is to complete an MBBS in the USA through a Caribbean university. Choosing Spartan Health Sciences University allows students to attend a CAAM-HP accredited medical school and do clinical rotations and PG in the USA. The result is the same as if the student had completed the full MBBS in the USA.

    No all medical universities in the Caribbean are CAAM-HP accredited. When students complete an MBBS and non-accredited colleges or universities, they will not be eligible to complete their PG in the USA and they will not have the same employment opportunities as those with an MBBS in the USA. They will not even be able to practice medicine in the Caribbean or anywhere else in the world. They would not be eligible as doctors in the USA, Canada, UK, or in India.

    Benefits of the Caribbean

    The Caribbean, while not in the USA, is very close to America. The medical teaching hospitals in the USA have worked with Spartan Health Sciences University and provided PG opportunities for decades, and they know the reputation the university has for producing top doctors from the program.
    In addition to this close relationship, the Caribbean offers a beautiful location for the state-of-the-art campus. Small class sizes, individualized support, and a close-knit campus community make this an ideal MBBS program for students from India.

    Zordha Education is the exclusive admissions advisor for Spartan Health Sciences University in the Caribbean. To find out more about completing an MBBS in the USA, see us.

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