How to Play Bocce Ball

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

Bocce ball is a fun and exciting game that people all over the world are learning and loving. You can spend a wonderful summer playing bocce ball with your friends and family this year. The most important part of playing bocce ball is a flat and level playing field. You do not want any kind of slant, or the game will be unfair and needlessly difficult. There is such a thing as a “regulation bocce court,” which many sports court surface layers will know how to set up for you. There are two teams for bocce ball with as many or as few players as you would like, as long as the teams are even. You can even play one-on-one. Each team has four balls, which are divided up equally so that everyone gets a turn. Whichever team goes first, whether that is determined by a coin toss or a game of rock, paper, scissors, throws the pallino, a smaller ball than the rest. The pallino is the goal. The players from both teams try to get as close to the pallino as they can with their throws. If the opposing team uses up all their balls without getting closer to the pallino than the first throw, the game is over and the person who threw the pallino wins. However, if they do get closer, the first team gets another try. Once all eight balls have been thrown, it is time to count up the points. The team that has the closest ball to the pallino gets one point for every ball that is closer than the other team’s. If the two closest balls are from opposite teams and the same distance away, no points at all are awarded to either team. Each round ends when all eight balls have been thrown, but the game still continues. The bocce ball court must be cleared, and the pallino thrown again. The first team to reach 16 points is the winner. One of the most exciting things about the game is that the points are not counted until all balls have been thrown. This means that players can use their throw to knock away the other team’s balls or to undermine the game further by moving the pallino to a favorable place. If this happens, the standard rules still apply. When all eight balls are thrown, wherever the pallino lies is the standard for the points. For the perfect bocce ball court whether for residential or commercial use, you can trust Sport Surfaces to construct a synthetic or clay bocce ball court for you.

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