A Horse History Primer

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

Animal husbandry is one of the more evolved disciplines of applied science. In modern times, we know that essentially we’re dealing with issues of genetics and biology. Over time, though, husbandry had been informed by less formalized science and what breeders had learned of traits that could be mixed. This means that any time you see ‘horses for sale,’ you’re seeing the product of 10,000 years of social development and scientific advancement that’s lead to this point. Horses are particularly interesting examples of this development, in terms of how the species has been shaped to fit different needs. Over time, horses have been applied to war, agriculture, sport, and transportation; and even this division is overly simplified.

Different kinds of horses have suited different kinds of mounted soldiers over time. Knights would have prized destrier, who were generally considered too valuable to ride into war and were instead used for tournaments and jousts. Agriculture has produced more than just the plow horse, but the plow horse serves as a good example of different breeding, as they were prized more for strength and solidity. They were required to labor under the yoke for hours at a time, so the desired plow horse was strong with good endurance. Race horses are prized for their speed, cutting horses for their agility. Now all of these different horses could fill the role of another in a pinch, but it’s amazing how humanity has reshaped the domesticated horse into various different roles and bred them to fit. Now with interconnectivity and modern commerce, it’s easier to find someone with horses for sale who can provide exactly what you want.

The kind of amazing evolution of the Internet has made it so that someone interested in horses can search the web for different individual horses that meet their needs and have the lineage they desire. Instead of having to travel to different breeders and acquire the information in person, you can conduct a thorough search all the different horses for sale from your computer, then you narrow your search before you spend the time and the mileage to go inspect them in person. Horses have decreased in importance with the rise of mechanization; horses aren’t required for transportation or agriculture, and their role in warfare has decreased. But the human fascination with the proud animals has survived, as has the human desire to produce the finest horses for the jobs they fulfill. Even if horses are now used more for recreation than for survival, the human practice of selective husbandry continues unabated, and whatever your interest in horses may be, you can always find quality horses for sale.

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