How does real property management in Roseville help landlords?

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Real Estate

Property management can be a complex and time-consuming task. The property manager must be a jack-of-all-trades and be accustomed to wearing many hats during a typical day. They may think that all is well. Then the next phone call brings an emergency call to repair a burst water pipe, or the next person who walks through the door may be a tenant giving their notice.

Most property owners hire real property management in Roseville to take these burdens off their shoulders. Not only does the owner not want the job, but the owner knows they are not going to be able to perform the job well. When a property is not managed correctly, it will not return the maximum profit. A property that is managed well and properly cared for has the potential of a much better return.

Dealing with common tenant concerns
Let’s talk about the burst pipe. If the call was received by the owner, the owner would almost certainly start by frantically going through the yellow pages for a plumber located close to the property. By the time a plumber was found, the flooding would be much worse, there would be additional damage, and there would be an expensive call-out fee. If the call had gone to the property manager, they would open their “little black book” and call a qualified plumber who will respond quickly and at a pre-arranged fee for services.

Now, the tenant who is leaving! If notice was given to the owner, they would perhaps place a newspaper ad, take the first likely looking candidate, and offer them a lease. When real property management in Roseville are faced with a vacancy, they immediately start a well-thought-out marketing program. This program is designed to fill the property quickly with a responsible tenant who will treat the property with respect, meet leasing obligations, and pay the rent on time. To accomplish this, the property professional subjects the applicants to a strict screening where the applicants’ suitability is determined. They check employment status, credit history, rental history, and criminal history. Only when satisfied, will the lease be offered.

These are not fictitious scenarios; they happen day in and day out, and the property manager is there to solve the problems in the most judicious fashion.

As well as problem solving, the manager is making routine inspections to see if there is anything that requires attention. The seasoned property manager knows that maintenances and repairs are the second biggest challenge. By attending to small problems when they are still small, maintenance costs are considerably reduced.

And in the manager’s “spare time,” they prepare detailed operation reports and financial statements to present to the owner.

If you are keen to avoid these problems, real property management in Roseville can help. Get in touch with Real Property Management – Sac Metro, Roseville office.

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